Blue Moon Sweet Riesling Awarded DOUBLE GOLD!

We are proud to announce that our Blue Moon Sweet Riesling has won a double gold medal at the 2014 San Francisco Wine Chronicle Competition! The double gold award means that all five members of the judging panel voted our Sweet Riesling as a gold medal winner.  Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast have also rated the Sweet Riesling as a Best Buy and Best Value.

Harvest 2013 Update

 The 2013 harvest is in full swing and so far the grapes and juice are looking fantastic.  We have already harvested our Pinot Noir and just wrapped up harvesting our Pinot Gris.  With perfect ripeness and brix measurements, the grapes from this year’s harvest will be making some wonderful wine.  We have been very lucky with the weather this year being just south of the recent storm that hit the Pacific Northwest allowing us to harvest under very ideal conditions. 



2013 Veraison

Veraison is an exciting time in the vineyard, it means that the grapes are starting to ripen and the red wine grapes are starting to change color.  This photo is from a select one acre block of Pinot Noir that we have named ‘Gabriella’s Vineyard’ after winemaker Rene Eichmann’s daughter.  Rene and Gabriella planted the vineyard in 1999 and since then we have produced a reserve Pinot Noir from this select vineyard block.

Veraison in Gabriella’s Vineyard

Riesling Rendezvous

Winemaker Rene Eichmann attended the Riesling Rendezvous in Seattle, Washington this month for three days of Riesling research.  He sampled our three Rieslings, Semi-Sparkling, Sweet, and Signature Blue Moon, as well as our Reserve Pinot Noir.  He also attended seminars and wine talks by Riesling experts, wine authors, and professors from around the world.  With over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, winemaker Rene is still eager to expand his knowledge of wine and bring new exciting products to our customers.  With Riesling being our most produced varietal, studying the varietal is especially important and intriguing to us.

Young’s Market Trade Show

Wineries, distilleries and sommeliers converged upon the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland Oregon to attend the Young’s Market Trade show and taste wines and spirits from across the country. Bridgeview Winery attended in full force with winemaker Rene Eichmann infiltrating the crowd, sampling some local wines and socializing with our clients while Rene Jr. and Andrew Kerivan manned the booth pouring wine for prospective clients comprised of distributors, store and restaurant managers, wine stewards and sommeliers.  Trade shows are a great opportunity for us to interact with the individuals who place our wines in stores and restaurants as well as observe what others in the industry are doing. We made some great connections and look forward to bringing more store demonstrations to the greater Portland area over the coming months.  Stay tuned to our facebook page for updates and schedules for store tastings near you!


“Blue Moon” Pinot Noir wins Gold

At the 29th annual Dallas Morning News and TexSom Wine Competition this month 56 wine experts swirled, sniffed and spit their way through 2,704 wines from 25 states and 16 countries to discover the best for you.  199 Gold Medals were award in different categories including one for Bridgeview Vineyards’ 2009 “Blue Moon” Pinot Noir.  Winemaker René Eichmann describes this wine as having “Dark stone fruit aromas with some notes of cedar that give way to flavors of licorice and black currants”.

Harvest Days are Here Again

Harvest began on Monday with over 14 tons of pinot noir grapes landing on the crush pad. The fruit is beautifully ripe and the 2012 vintage is certain to be an excellent one! While harvest means excessively long days, at least we have Lelo’s delicious homemade meals to keep us fed and moving. Thank goodness for German tradition! 

Black Beauty Tempranillo

     We are very pleased to announce that the 2012 Black Beauty Tempranillo is now available in our tasting rooms!

      This elegant, rich old world Spanish varietal is described by many as being similar to Pinot Noir in earthiness with less acidity and lighter tannins. It is very food friendly, pairing nicely with just about anything! Roasted or grilled entrees, tapas, Latin dishes and spicy foods as well as mushrooms and savory herbs compliment the earthy notes making Tempranillo an excellent choice for dinner!

Tempranillo is a black and thick-skinned grape, native to Northern Spain. It and has been grown in several areas of Spain and Portugal for centuries. It is referred to as the “noble grape” and is often the main varietal used in the Rioja and Ribera del Duero regions. Traditionally in Spain, France and Italy, the name of the region (rather than varietal) is found on the label so an imported bottle of Tempranillo may simply be named “Rioja” for example. Tempranillo grapes thrive in higher altitudes that are warm during the day and cooler at night. They prefer a wetter, cooler climate, yet they also require a lot of heat to produce ample sugars. The name tempranillo stems from the Spanish word “temprano” which means “early,” refering to The need for this diurnal temperature variation can present a challenge for growers, however Southern Oregon has a very similar climate to the native lands of Tempranillo. In fact, Nothern Spain and Southern oregon lie on the same latitude of the Earth and both regions have comparable mountainous landscapes and climate.
In 2009 we grafted 650 vines of Tempranillo grapes on a half acre in the Applegate Valley . We are currently planting more vines in response to the demand for our popular 2008 Black Beauty Tempranillo which sold out rather quickly last season. The ruby red wine is medium to full-bodied with a pleasant earthy flavor, and low acidity. It is highly reccommended for pairing with all types of food including wild game and salmon. The 2010 vintage was aged in American Oak barrels for 18 months prior to bottling.

This year we produced only 100 cases, 

so be sure to get some while supplies last!